About Us

WAEN.TV is an Internet Communications Network Provider that serves, informs and entertains globally. Our goal is to provide a diversified marketing environment on the information super highway to Connect ideas around the world.

WAEN is owned an operated by Attorney Fred Rushing and business entrepreneur Lewis Jackson, Sr. Their vision is to break the communications barriers among families, friends, co-workers and business associates by allowing any event or special occasion to be streamed “LIVE” and hosted on the internet. Ideally Mr, Rushing and Mr. Jackson get great pleasure out of
providing the vehicle that makes the unknown artist known.

WAEN’s ability to stream events live changes the way consumers can communicate with family, friends, co-workers, business partners, etc.  Streaming special events “LIVE” enables others to
feel that they are a part of an activity even though they are not physically present. It doesn’t, matter where you are (in the city, another state or out of the country). If you have access to the internet you can view a scheduled event as it happens.

Our Founders

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