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Sugar Lee Sherman, “The Music Man”

sugarleeTo be gone is not to be forgotten. The greatest hits from the past is the only thing we have to keep us connected with the people who sang them, produced them, and performed them before our very eyes, and ears. That’s why I take pride in helping to keep the sprit from an earlier period present.

Where would we be without music. Especially the music for your time. So while you reminisce about the times of long ago, I will definitely provide the sound track about the husbands and the wife’s and the days of our lives. In a music program that touches you and sets off the mood for the moment, plus the spirit of the boogie from the past.

So sit back,relax or do something while I dust off 45s, 33s MP3s and CDsof what went on before. With a radio Soul Man from back in the day, Sugar Lee Sherman, “The Music Man”.

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